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Description: Raptor/Rhino 686 big bore kit Features: -11:1 or 12.5:1 compression piston. -Up to 6hp gain across the board. -Great way to freshen your engine up. -Runs on 91 oct or better pump gas. -No...More Details »
Item #: 2423
Condition: New
Out of Stock Cylinders Back order ETA 01/15
Price: $400.00
Sale: $349.00
Save: 13%
Save: $51.00

Description: CP pistons Yamaha Rhino 660 If your not 100% sure what you need please call us. We have built thousands of Rhinos. We will tell you what will be best for what you are doing. Available...More Details »
Item #: 3097
Condition: New
Price: $249.00

Description: Carrillo rod Rhino 660 Carrillo rod Rhino 660. This is the strongest rod you can put into your Rhino 660. If your building a big race engine this is the rod you want.
Item #: 3103
Condition: New
Price: $299.00
Sale: $249.00
Save: 17%
Save: $50.00

Description: YAMAHA RHINO 660 TOP END GASKET KIT COMETIC +2 BORE 686 This is a Cometic top end gasket kit part # C7798 that fits Yamaha Rhino 660 +2mm bore for your 686 kit.
Item #: 2439
Condition: New
Price: $67.54
Sale: $45.99
Save: 32%
Save: $21.55

Description: Valve spring kit Rhino 660 -Allows the use of larger camshafts. -Offers proper seat pressure for zero valve float and long valve train life. -A perfect match to our cam shafts. Type Intake...More Details »
Item #: 3002
Condition: New
Price: $229.99
Sale: $159.00
Save: 31%
Save: $70.99

Description: Alba Racing intake: Includes: -Your choice of K&N or foam UNI filter. -Aluminum adaptor. -Outerwear Features: -Simple and easy to install. -Retains factory airbox. (needed for stock...More Details »
Item #: 2491
Condition: New
Price: $124.99
Sale: $119.99
Save: 4%
Save: $5.00

Description: Rhino oil filter
Item #: 3469
Condition: New
Price: $12.99

Description: OEM Yamaha drive belt
Item #: 3459
Condition: New
Price: $99.00

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