RACE TOWN 395- KAYLA SMITH PRESS RELEASE On May 12, 2012, Kayla Smith, in her #3 GBC, ALBA RACING ENGINES, SUMMERS BROTHERS, OFF ROAD WAREHOUSE, PRP, 747INK sponsored Rhino, rocked the WORCS track taking the win and fastest lap time for production 700 and a 5th place over all for 850 and 700 classes. Her ALBA RACING tuned motor once again ran flawless, giving her the power to close the door on the competition. Kayla would like to thank her sponsors, ALBA RACING ENGINES, for a great power plant, GBC TIRES for putting that power to the track, OFF ROAD WAREHOUSE, SUMMERS BROTHERS racing axles, PRP RACING SEATS, 747INK, and all the guys and gals on the team for helping her move closer to hergoal of production 700 champion. TEAM KAYLA SMITH # 3