Rhino 660 takes 1st Place Tom GravesTom Graves ruled the UTV class at the Baja 500 SCORE series. Driving through 500 miles of grueling desert terrain is no easy task for UTVs. Tom came in 1st and no other UTV even finished the race! Riding at top performance and being sturdy enough to withstand a full beating of desert rocks, ruts, etc. is super tough on UTVs. Congrats to Tom on his 1st place win!!! Toms Rhino uses an Alba Racing motor. He has been making his mark for the past couple years in the desert racing scene in his Rhino 660 equipped with the Alba Racing motor.
Honda 700XX takes 1st Place
Wayne Matlock SCORE race 700 XX Alba Racing MotorWayne Matlock and his team pretty much own the ATV desert racing scene. 2010 has given them 2 wins, most recently at the Baja 500 SCORE race. Rock solid racers and quad take a beating through this insane desert landscape, and these guys push their Honda to ensure the wins. Congratulations to Team Matlock! Waynes 700XX also uses an Alba Racing motor and is race prepped by Team Alba Racing. Alba Racing has a full machine shop and dyno. If you need some performance info, contact Nate at 858-413-2598. www.teamalbaracing.com