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GYTR turbo kit ECU upgrade up to 350hp

GYTR turbo kit re-flash up to 350hp: This ecu flash allows you to run anywhere from stock boost to 18.5 pounds without any additional tuning needed. All that is needed for more than 18.5# is a fuel pump upgrade and fuel pressure regulator with return line, and wastegate. No piggy back controllers are needed. The computer will self tune itself as you turn up the boost all by itself. All you have to do is enjoy.

Alba Staged Options:
Stage 1: This flash de-restricts the GYTR ECU giving you full RPM in 5th gear, no speed limiter, and lowered fan activation temp +399$
Stage 2: This flash is for a stock engine, stock injectors w/ Aftermarket exhaust. This will make 200HP and includes all the benefits listed in STG1 +399$
Stage 3: This flash includes 1000cc Injectors +569$, +399$ ECU Re-flash (requires built engine) and will make up to 300hp Coming soon for 2019
Stage 4: This flash includes 1000cc injectors, regulator, pump, wastegate. Up to 350hp. Coming soon all vehicles
Stage 5: This flash includes 1000cc injectors, regulator, pump, wastegate, Alba Cams Up to 370hp. Coming soon all vehicles

**ECU core options:
1. You pay $299 for the reflash. Ship us your ECU we reprogram it and send it back within 2 business days. We pay return shipping.
2. You pay for the ECU Core (2016-2018 $299 or 2019-2020 $449) + $299 for the ecu flash. We ship you a flashed ECU. Send us your ECU within 30 days and we will refund the $299 or $449 core charge.
3. Purchase a re-flashed ecu core for (2016-2018 or $299 2019-2020 $449) + $299 for the reflash.

**Read below for more info about the different stages.

-Huge horsepower gains.
-Smoother running engine.
-Performance fuel curve set richer for a cooler egt's.
-Rev limiter in 5th gear raised to 10500 rpm (stock is 9500 rpm).
-Huge top speed gain possible due to extended rpm.
-Speed and torque limiters removed.
-Radiator fan activated at 195 deg for a cooler running engine.
-Built engine required to run higher than stock boost psi.
-Must run 91 oct fuel or better. 110+ above 12psi.
-Optional: Fuel system upgrade for over 18.5 psi boost.
-Optional 11,500 rev limiter. Aftermarket valve springs only.
-Optional Add a transmission flash and save $150 (SS models only)


NOT FOR SALE IN CALIFORNIA. This product can not be sold or shipped to California as it is not emissions legal.
Was: $499.99
Sale: $399.99
Save: 20%
Save: $100.00

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Staged options -Stage 1 Designed for a stock engine and stock injectors. This flash will allow you to turn your stock boost up to 8 psi from 6. This is the maximum you can run on the stock injectors as they are running at 100% duty cycle.

-Stage 2 Designed for a stock engine and stock injectors with an open exhaust. A YXZ 1000 with a GYTR kit will run much better with an open exhaust. Your turbo will also spool quicker and the car will just be more fun to drive. Due to the large hp increase we do need to alter the flash accordingly.

-Stage 3 Designed for a built engine with open exhaust and our 1000cc injectors. With this kit you can run up to 18 pounds of boost. You can add a boost controller and adjust your boost on the fly as needed. You will need race fuel for over 12 psi. You must have exhaust for this kit (our SBD tip or a slip on) and a BUILT MOTOR (Pistons, Rods, Valve Springs, Tensioner, Head Studs)

-Stage 4 Same as stage 4 with added fuel pressure regulator with return line setup, Larger fuel pump, billet fuel pump bracket, lines and fittings. With this kit you can run up to 20 psi. This kit is being tested now and will be available shortly.

-Stage 5 Same as stage 5 with added camshafts. This cams will add about 20hp from mid to top end with no loss in bottom end. This kit is being tested now and will be available shortly

If you are itching for more horsepower out of your GYTR kit your in luck. The turbocharger Yamaha supplied in the kit is a fantastic Garrett GT2860rs ball bearing turbo. This turbo is pretty big and good for about 350hp. The Yamaha engine will easily use every bit of it and make 350hp at about 20 psi. With this ecu flash and a properly built engine you can simply add a boost controller to your YXZ and turn your cars boost psi up and down as you please. A boost controller is typically a knob mounted within arms reach that you turn to raise and lower the boost psi on the fly. We typically use a Hallman manual boost controller. Race fuel is needed above 12 psi. Above 18.5 psi you will need a fuel pump and regulator upgrade.

Top speed gains: There are massive top speed gains available on the YXZ 1000. Yamaha has limited the top speed from the factory by putting a early rev limiter in fifth gear. In first through fourth gear the stock rev limit is 10,500rpm. In Fith gear the stock rev limit is 9500 rpm. We have the option of leaving the rev limiter where it is at or raising it to 10,500 or up to 15,000 rpm. The max we recomend is 11500 rpm. 100mph is possible with a 11,500 rev limiter but you will need enough horsepower to get there. Any higher is not recommended and you should consult your motor builder for what is safe.

Radiator fan temp: We lower your radiator fan temp down to 195 degrees from about 210. Some shops lower it to 180 and we are often asked why we do not go this low. 195 is not hot. Most new vehicles run in the 220 range. On a YXZ 1000 your thermostat does not open until 185 to 190 degrees. If your fan is activated lower than your thermostat it will run constantly and drain your battery as your charging system has a tough time keeping up. Your YXZ should never overheat even with built engines with turbo kits. If you are having a overheating problem something is wrong.



 WARNING: California Residents, this item is subject to Proposition 65 regulations for cancer and reproductive harm.


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