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YXZ1000r / YXZ1000ss ECU Re Flash +5HP


Alba Racing ECU flash for the YXZ 1000 and YXZ 1000SS. After too many hours of testing we have our ECU flash ready.


We now have over 300 map options testing hundreds of different combinations. There are now too many different options to list on this page. Please put all of your modifications in the comments section or call us so we can get you the exact map you need. This is very important.


-Performance ignition curve.

-Performance fuel curve for HP, cooler EGT's and engine temps.

-Rev limiter in 5th gear raised to 10500 rpm (stock is 9500 rpm).

-Huge top speed gain possible due to extended rpm.

-Radiator fan activated at 195 degree for a cooler running engine.

-Must run 91 oct fuel or better.

-Optional 11,500 rev limiter. Aftermarket valve springs only.

-Optional Add a transmission flash and save $150 (SS models only)


These tunes are VERY specific, if you have any other engine mods (Fuel Rail, Injectors, Pump, Regulator) please contact us FIRST to make sure the tune is compatible.

**ECU core options:

1. You pay $299 for the re-flash. Ship us your ECU we reprogram it and send it back within 2 business days. We pay return shipping.

2. You pay for the ECU Core (2016-2018 $420 or 2019-2020 $617) + $299 for the ECU flash. We ship you a flashed ECU. Send us your ECU within 30 days and we will refund the $420 or $617 core charge.

3. Purchase a re-flashed ECU core for (2016-2018 or $420 2019-2020 $617) + $299 for the re-flash.

NOT FOR SALE IN CALIFORNIA. This product can not be sold or shipped to California as it is not emissions legal.



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Don't be fooled by exaggerated horsepower claims by other shops. We post real results. There is no way to make more hp out of your YXZ flash than what we are selling. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is.

We have developed a great fuel and ignition map for the YXZ 1000. We get a gain of 5hp and 4 pounds of torque through much of the powerband. How did we get this hp? We did tons of testing on our dyno to dial in the air fuel ratio to where we found this engine makes its peak hp. From the factory these run lean like most new vehicles. Richening the air fuel not only adds power but it is also better for your motor. This lowers exhaust gas temps and allows the motor to run cooler. Next we dialed in the timing. The factory timing curve is very mild. We again ran test after test on our dyno to find the perfect combination of power and crisp throttle response. With this ECU flash you will need to run 91 octane or better fuel.

Top speed gains:

There are massive top speed gains available on the YXZ 1000. Yamaha has limited the top speed from the factory by putting a early rev limiter in fifth gear. In first through fourth gear the stock rev limit is 10500rpm. In Fifth gear the stock rev limit is 9500 rpm. We have the option of leaving the rev limiter where it is at or raising it to 10500 or up to 15000 rpm. The max we recomend is 11500 rpm. 100mph is possible with a 11500 rev limiter but you will need enough horsepower to get there. Any higher is not recommended and you should consult your motor builder for what is safe.

Radiator fan temp:

We lower your radiator fan temp down to 195 degrees from about 210. Some shops lower it to 180 and we are often asked why we do not go this low. 195 is not hot. Most new vehicles run in the 220 range. On a YXZ 1000 your thermostat does not open until 185 to 190 degrees. If your fan is activated lower than your thermostat it will run constantly and drain your battery as your charging system has a tough time keeping up. Your YXZ should never overheat even with built engines with turbo kits. If you are having a overheating problem something is wrong.

More info...

An ECU Re-flash is a great way to pick up horsepower, drivability and reliability. For starters, they are extremely LEAN from the factory. We correct the AFR for better engine temp and life in all conditions. This flash see's a +5HP increase at the wheels, +8 at the flywheel. Its is a noticeable gain in power! Also we increase the rev limit to 10500 in all gears. This is still completely reliable but helps with a better top speed. Also with the better AFR conditions the YXZ overall runs much better! It is a win/win. You need to run 91 OCT or better fuel but the power and reliability is worth it!

We use the most advance equipment available to build our ecu maps and do a large amount of testing in the field. We develop these maps on our top of the line Dynojet dyno as well as our Axis dyno specifically designed by for UTV testing. They both can load the vehicle for testing in ALL load conditions. These are side by side specific dynos. They are the only specific SXS dyno in the world. What makes it different than other dyno's. They have the ability to tune with a CVT clutch to simulate real world load. No other dyno can do this.

We Data Log hundreds of miles of use using state of the art knock, injector duty cycle, air fuel ratio, boost, and EGT monitors to ensure everything is safe. After the dyno and “ In the field testing”, we tear down the test engines to look for accelerated wear, to ensure long term longevity.

As far as reliability goes, we are the Kings. Our Engines and Tunes dominate endurance racing. Our Tunes/Engines as teams won both turbo and naturally aspirated classes many years in a row now in S.C.O.R.E. series. This includes 1700 miles of wide-open racing per season through the toughest terrain in the world. We have never had 1 failure and do work for nearly everyone who has been on the podium including many Factory Teams. We are trusted more than any other builder/tuner to get the racers the power they want while retaining reliability they need. It is easy to make a turbo motor faster you simply turn the boost up. Here at Alba Racing we do so much more to keep your engine safe!

**You will need to ship your ecu to the address below where we will re-flash it typically within 1 business day and then we will ship it back to you. Please include a copy of your order.

Alba Racing ATTN (Your order #) 10809 Prospect ave Santee CA 92071



 WARNING: California Residents, this item is subject to Proposition 65 regulations for cancer and reproductive harm.


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Nice upgrade!
  • Currently 5/5 Stars

Reviewed by:

Product ownership: Less than 1 year

Purchased from: Team Alba Racing

Definitely improved drivability over stock form. Better throttle response in 1st gear and took away the majority of that "dead pedal" feel when taking off. Slight gain in performance noticed when drag racing buddy's machine compared to pre-flash. Thanks Alba!

Great add - got rid of lean condition from factory and adjusted for my mods..
  • Currently 5/5 Stars

Reviewed by:

Product ownership: Less than 1 year

Purchased from: Team Alba Racing

I had about 25 hours on mine stock and looked at the plugs - way too Lean for my liking. I did a full Trinity Stage 5 and header, airbox spacer, better air filters and it made a huge difference.

I am no longer lean and it has woken it up across the board.

I sent my ECU in as I had a trip I was doing - it was done and back in no time at all, a ripper...

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