Performance Department

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Our Full-Service Race Shop develops the race motors for our more demanding performance oriented customers and our sponsored professional racers.

Having an in-house complete Machine Shop is an important component to Alba's ability to produce world renowned motors and performance products. This means that customers can have porting, boring & honing, crank rebuilding, re-sleeving and other head work done quickly by professionals who really understand ATV, Side x Side and Motorcycle motors.

The Race Shop and Machine Shop also play a crucial role in the development of Team Alba Racing high performance parts.

Alba Racing also has its own in house dyno.With the dyno, we are able to determine the power of your vehicle. When we say we are gaining horsepower, we can prove it. Bring in your vehicle today to find out what kind of output you're pulling. Then we can show you some of the many available options to boost that power!

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Why Dyno Tune?

We see so many individuals spend their life savings on building the motor of their dreams, but then fall short when it comes to tuning. Remember that no two bikes are identical and the only way to extract every possible horsepower from your dream build is to use a dyno to properly set your air fuel ratio and timing settings. With an exhaust gas analyzer we at Alba Racing are able to dial in the air fuel ratio of just about any fuel including E85 builds. A proper air fuel ratio not only guarantees maximum horsepower, but also ensures the smoothest curve of power engagement.

Alba Racing tunes just about anything that will fit on our dyno. Over the years we have built relationships with companies such as MSD, Dobeck, and PowerCommander. We build base maps that are included from MSD and Dobeck in production fuel and ignition control systems. Choosing a map from a list of others that seem to work will probably get you close, but race winning maps are always specifically built for that unit. When it comes time to tune your next beast why not take the guess work out of it and bring it to Alba Racing to dial in your setup?

Don’t feel left out if your vehicle isn’t fuel injected. We can also tune anything with a carburetor. We stock thousands of jets from Mikuni, Keihin, and Dynojet which will usually save you from purchasing an expensive jet kit. Our favorite carb is the Keihin FCR which we can make run on just about anything including E85, gas, or even alcohol. Our lead technician has been tuning carbs for 20 years and with Alba’s tools and his knowledge you are assured a top tune. Still have questions? Call us at 619-562-0188.