Service Team

Alba Racing is very proud of its service team. The service specialists and service writers are very knowledgeable, taking the time to answer your questions and provide detailed information and advice. In addition, the service techs each have over 10 years of experience and are certified to work on most vehicles in the powersports industry. Between our service team and our exceptional factory diagnostic equipment, we can tackle most any motorcycle, ATV, UTV or watercraft. The Alba Racing service team does everything from exhaust and jetting to machining and suspension work.

Oil Changes

Changing the oil in your vehicle is critical. Keeping fresh oil in your motor prevents excessive wear due to dirty broken down oil. In fact, you may want to consider using a synthetic oil. Both your oil and your engine will last longer.

Are you an off-roader? Most of today’s off-road bikes and ATVs hold minimal amounts of oil—some as little as one quart. While this keeps them light, it does require that you frequently check your oil. We recommend that you check the oil before each ride.

Tire Changes

Alba keeps a good selection of tires in stock. Whether you are looking for increased mileage or performance, we have the setup for you, and at a very good price. If you require a tire change, the best bet is to make an appointment, however, we will always accept walk-ins. Most tire changes take approximately 45 minutes to an hour with walk-ins generally taking a bit longer, depending on that day’s work schedule.

Typical Tire Change Cost (includes balance if applicable)

  • $20 loose mounts
  • $33 front tire on bike
  • $44 rear tire on bike
  • Note—Shaft drive, saddlebag, ABS or exhaust removal if needed will be extra

    Street Bike Service

    Alba wants you to be safe when you take your motorcycle on the street. Regular maintenance is a must—even more so than maintenance on your car. Each bike’s service needs vary. Know that the Alba team is here to help. If you are a hands-on person, come in or give us a call and we’ll help you select parts. Or, let our team take a look and we’ll handle the service.

    Watercraft Service

    Now is the time to have your watercraft serviced, particularly if you’ve taken it in the ocean. Below are several areas which we recommend checking out each season:

  • Battery condition
  • Compression
  • Impeller damage
  • Spark Plug Replacements
  • Flush Cooling System
  • Lube cables
  • Check pump oil
  • Check engine oil
  • Check ECUs for diagnostic codes
  • Give us a call if you would like to schedule a check up or complete service. (619) 562-0188

    Performance Department

    We have built race motors for most factory race teams, including Suzuki, Bombardier, Yamaha and Honda. Our in-house Machine Shop allows us the ability to customize your engine. For more information on our Performance Department, click HERE.