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Alba Racing Slip On exhaust RZR 1000

-Full stainless steel construction.
-2 hp gain over stock.
-Deep powerfull tone.
-ZERO maintenance (never needs to be repacked)
-Includes oxygen sensor bung.

**Read below for more info on exhaust systems for the RZR 1000.


NOT FOR SALE IN CALIFORNIA. This product can not be sold or shipped to California as it is not emissions legal.
Not Available
Availability: NOT FOR SALE IN CALIFORNIA. This product can not be sold or shipped to California as it is not emissions legal. DISCONTINUED
Pricing: $499.00


Alba take: Like the RZR 900 the RZR 1000 exhaust is just about perfect from the factory. We see companies claiming 8%-20% power gains on these and it makes us laugh. We have made our own full system and tested many of our competitions full system exhaust. Not one of them including our own has even made more than one horsepower more than stock. In fact most lost horsepower. One thing we noticed is that most of the aftermarket exhaust systems actually reduce the collector size from the factory 2.5" to 2 or 2.25". The collector is the part where the 2 pipes merge before the muffler. They do this to help with noise and to allow them to use there already existing atv size mufflers on there RZR exhaust. We have seen a 2hp-4hp loss on these on otherwise stock units and up to a 8 horsepower loss on our race engines. The loss was so significant we thought our cam timing was off. It was not. We cannot understand companies reasoning to significantly reduce the collector size except to save money and use there already existing atv mufflers. The factory Polaris header is perfectly designed with huge diameter mandrel bent equal length tubing. The only place the factory exhaust can be improved upon is the muffler. We have found a free flowing muffler will produce a 2hp gain. Because of this we only offer a slip on exhaust. Another thing to consider when purchasing a exhaust for your RZR 1000 is the type of muffler being used. There are two main differences here. Mufflers with packing and mufflers without packing. The mufflers with packing are typically the round or oval cans. These work great and derived from the ATV world. The problem with these is the constant need to be repacked and maintained. On a atv this was less of an issue because of the varying of rpm's and less load creating much less heat than a RZR. On a RZR with your CVT clutch your engine is constantly reving much higher and is under a much larger load. This creates a bunch of heat and this burns packing. It is not uncommon to see a brand new black anodized pretty muffler turn brown/grey in just 1 ride due to this heat. The hottest part of the muffler is the inlet. This is where the packing burns up first. If the packing is not changed often enough what happens is the muffler starts to crack here. This is not uncommon. Our slip-on system like the factory exhaust uses no packing. It is an automotive style muffler that is internally spark arrested. This will last a lifetime of abuse. We see more and more companies starting to use these automotive style mufflers with no packing mufflers such as SLP which comes on the OEM Polaris stage 2 kit and many more. What is the downfall of the automotive muffler. They don't look as good. Unfortunately most people buy what looks good and exhaust companies know this. If you cant live without the looks of a full system choose carefully. Here are some tips. Full dual exhaust systems (no collector) do not work well. Make sure the exhaust you choose has a collector. Most companies have learned there lesson over the years and discontinued there real dual exhaust systems and changed to a 2-1-2. One exception for example would be Trinity. They still make a dual exhaust. These do not work and will make your RZR feel lazy. They look good but do not perform. This is a 2 cylinder engine and the exhaust uses the pulse from the opposing cylinder to help pull out the other cylinders pulse. The second thing to look for is the size of the collector. The factory Polaris uses a 2.5" collector. Many full systems reduce this to 2"-2.25" so they can use there atv style mufflers. These we have found lose the most horsepower.



 WARNING: California Residents, this item is subject to Proposition 65 regulations for cancer and reproductive harm.


  • 500-ALB-PIPE
  • 500-ALB-PIPE
  • NOT FOR SALE IN CALIFORNIA. This product can not be sold or shipped to California as it is not emissions legal. DISCONTINUED
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